Bathroom Lighting Options

Your home’s bathrooms, powder room, and ensuite are highly trafficked spaces that require proper lighting. When executed correctly, these small yet impactful areas can deliver a relaxing spa-like feeling for its inhabitants. However, these rooms can feel dark and underwhelming when the lighting design and functionality miss the mark.

The customer service team at Southern Lighting has been successfully outfitting beautiful, bright, and stylish bathrooms all throughout Middle Georgia for almost four decades. So let us welcome you to our incredible showroom and equip your home with the absolute best lighting fixtures.

Warner Robin’s Bathroom Lighting Specialists Since 1987

Bathroom light is important

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom, building a new home, or simply upgrading the lighting in your bathroom, Southern Lighting has all the light fixtures you need to complete your project. One of our specially trained lighting consultants can come to your property and help you select lights that will enhance the appearance and function of your bathroom and any room in your home.

We carry a wide selection of bathroom fixtures and accessories for your home:

Bathroom Fans. The unsung hero, bathroom fans have the important job of keeping condensation out of your home! Our team can easily provide these for you in addition to your lighting.

Chandelier Lighting. What stunning bathroom oasis is complete without a chandelier-style fixture hanging over a deep soaker tub? Southern Lighting can help you choose one that best complements your bathroom design and size.

Decor and Accessories. Not to be outdone by the rest of the home, we offer a wide variety of stunning wall hangings that would look great in your powder room or master ensuite bath.

Mirrors. Whether you need a mirror for over the vanity, in the master walk-in closet, or as a bathroom accent, Southern Lighting offers a beautiful selection of framed and decorative mirrors to choose from.

Pot Lights. Not to be forgotten, ceiling-mounted round pot lights throughout a larger bathroom help brighten the space and is the perfect option for lighting showers of all sizes.

Vanity Lighting. The classic bathroom fixture choice, vanity lights come in uncountable styles and colors. One, two, three bulbs, or more- Southern Lighting has them all!

Wall Lighting. A nice bathroom design tough is adding sconces or wall surface mounted fixtures. Finishes and looks can be tailored to suit your bathroom’s style. From antique brass, black, copper, and stainless, working with our sales team will ensure your bathroom will look smart and well-lit.

Elegant, Trendy, and Traditional: We Carry All Styles of Bathroom Lighting

Whether you are building a brand new home or renovating and updating your current space, Southern Lighting has a huge selection of lighting for your bathrooms. Connect with our friendly team to set up a complimentary meeting in our showroom by calling (478) 929-0624, or send us your information through our website to have us reach out to you.