Ceiling Fan Options

Ceiling fans should be a must in every Georgian home! A properly placed fan can quietly and effortlessly keep stagnant air moving and provide the perfect amount of lighting, all while looking chic and fitting into the home’s design.

Southern Lighting has a large selection of high-quality indoor and outdoor fans to fit all styles and budgets. If your home needs a redesign or is being built brand new, don’t forget to contact us for all your ceiling fan and lighting needs.

Warner Robins’ Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fan Specialists

Ceiling fans actually do a lot more than move the air around in the home. These incredible fixtures offer up many benefits to homeowners who are savvy enough to add them to their home’s design plans:

  • Ceiling fans lower the temperature in the summer, keeping you cool.
  • Ceiling fans raise the temperature in the winter for a more comfortable interior temperature.
  • Ceiling fans move the air in high, hard-to-reach ceiling spaces. This ensures that moisture and condensation don’t settle, causing damage over the years.
  • Ceiling fans are incredibly affordable and can save you money on your home’s heating and cooling bills.
  • Ceiling fans are stylish and come in many different colors, styles, and sizes.
  • Ceiling fans offer another way to incorporate more lighting into the home.
  • Ceiling fans keep your sunrooms, patios, and decks more comfortable.
Southern Lighting has Middle Georgia’s Largest Selection of Ceiling Fans

An efficient and functional fixture, such as a ceiling fan, doesn’t mean it will be an eyesore in the home. So come on down to our showroom so our expert sales team can show you what we’ve got! Some of the styles we offer are contemporary, rustic, kid’s fans, traditional, and wrought iron. A few color options are walnut, aluminum, white, black, alabaster, cherry, and oak.

Whether you want a fan that blends in or stands out, we surely have something for everyone. So pop on down to our showroom located at 2508 Moody Road, Warner Robins, GA, or reach out to our friendly staff to set up a design consultation. We can be reached at (478) 929-0624 or by filling out our contact form.