Exterior Lighting Options

Sometimes the home’s outdoor lighting is a passing design thought, but we think it should get much more attention than that! Outside of the home is ample opportunity to stunning light up the yard, pathways, and driveways to become even more useful and beautiful. And just like your home’s interior, exterior lighting can come in a huge number of styles and finishes.

Southern Lighting has Warner Robins’ biggest selection of outdoor lighting options, such as deck lights, hanging lanterns, marine lighting, pier mounts, post mounts, and wall lanterns. Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? Our team will happily guide you through.

Light Up Your Home’s Outside with Southern Lighting

There are many reasons to keep your yard and exterior well-lit. From garden pathways, fences, driveways, and patios, Southern Lighting has something for every space outside of your home’s walls.

Increased Safety. First and foremost, keeping your house well-lit will ensure no accidents happen on your property.

Reduced Chance of Crime. Having a brightly lit yard with motion detectors and no dark areas is the best defense in deterring unsavory characters from targeting your house.

Boost Your Curb Appeal. Exterior lighting, although highly functional, can also be stylish! Choose from beveled, etched, or fluted glass and commercial, craftsman, or tiffany designed fixtures. As with interior lighting, the options are endless!

Extends The Day. When your pathways and garden spaces are filled with beautiful outdoor lights, you can garden and enjoy playing with the kids later into the evening.

Highlights Design Features. Your house’s exterior has many stunning features that can be highlighted with the right type of outdoor lighting. For example, brighten up a gorgeous garden and hammock nook, or show off architectural features with strategically placed fixtures.

Dress Your Home with the Best Outdoor Lighting

Southern Lighting has been providing top-notch customer service since 1978, and our team is always ready to help you choose the right type of lighting for both the inside and outside of your home. We can be reached by calling (478) 929-0624 or by sending your contact information through our website contact form. We can’t wait to help you out!